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  Gemicates is a global leader in professional design and manufacturing of consumer electronic devices. The company is engaged in research, development and production of user-friendly home, office and building automation, alarm systems and security products. A strong research and development group and manufacturing in india makes gemicates a competent and quality producer. The company philosophy is to enhance comfort, improve security and promote energy conservation.​

  Gemicates providing Automation Products & Solutions for consumers especially Home,office and building automation systems comprising consumer electronic devices, wired and wireless controllers,controlled devices and application software for lighting, HVAC, security, building monitoring and control,entertainment and healthcare applications,Graphical usersoftwares, sensors, switches, electricity measuring instruments, Metering devices,Telecommunications equipments, remote switches, dimmers, electronic integrated circuits.

  Gemicates enabling technology for the age of anywhere/everywhere wireless control and ​monitoring. Gemicates will lead the home controls market, providing systems that deliver ​increased comfort, convenience, safety and security.​

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Gemicates Technologies
We make it so Simple|Elegant|Reliable|Affordable

We are an IoT based Smart Automation company

  Gemicates Technologies is a company with a DIFFERENCE. Gemicates was established with a vision to proliferate IoT & Smart Technologies to the Indian market. Within this short span of time the company has successfully executed multiple projects to include individual as well as turn-key projects. Thriving on woman empowerment, Gemicates is guided and steered by a former Defence Technologist with more than 5 years of experience in handling automation, security & surveillance technologies. Download our Product Brochure.



  • Gemicates makes any home a smart home – one that’s more secure, convenient and economical. And we’re the only ones that do it without charging you monthly fees.

  • Constantly supply all of our customers with satisfactory product; more Safety, Comfort & Energy Conservation.

  • Our team is passionately devoted to making these technologies accessible to anyone. We think energy management at home should save you money, not cost you money.We’ve dedicated ourselves and our companies to letting everyone enjoy the benefits of these technologies, making them easy to buy and use.


  Gemicates will develop and offer only the highest quality products and services.

  • Our products will reduce customers' costs, and have a longer life than the competitors' products.

  • Our re-manufacturing services will also offer the client a solid, value-based purchase backed by a 100% quality commitment and effort by our employees and management.

  • Gemicates mission is to provide home control and home entertainment solutions that are far simpler to setup and use than products currently sold, and which are extremely energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Gemicates Technologies products are built on the wireless platform.

  • Gemicates enabling technology for the age of anywhere/everywhere wireless control and monitoring. Gemicates will lead the home controls market, providing systems that deliver increased comfort, convenience, safety and security.

  • To be a long term reliable technology & service provider in the smart electronic business globally.


Customer Satisfaction

  We value customer comments and will use them to measure our performance and improve our services.

Quality Products

  It is our aim to always exceed our customers' expectations on quality.

Value For Money

  we will always offer inspiring quality with unbeatable value for money.

Customer Services

  Our customer services are committed to assisting with any concerns or questions you may have.