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  Gemicates is one of the experience partnered with most of the global brands such as CP PLus, Hikvision, Dahua, Securus, Accuvison, Hifocus and many more for Surveillance system. We supplies all brands of surveillance devices with affordable cost, anytime support and service for increasing safety of your family, environment and valuable property.

  • Surveillance Automation helps you keep a watchful eye around your home or business, when you're away.
  • View live footage of shops, entrances, nurseries, home and office from anywhere in the world.
  • Check up on children, pets or workers using your smartphone or tablet.

  You can choose from network IP Cameras, covert cameras and complete surveillance systems with DVRs. The surveillance cameras can be installed standalone or can be configured to secure a covered area. These integrated cameras provide a cost effective solution for a wide range of vision applications.

“Monitor your home even when you are away “
“ Be Aware , Anywhere”

Secure your main door areas

  Keep a tab on visitors and know about who is paying you surprise visits. For better safety, check out who is there at your main door before opening it. If at office or on a vacation, you can even monitor the main-door status from remote locations for the ultimate-peace-of-your-mind.

Monitor every movement

  Keep a check within and around your home premises 24x7. Activate the motion alert sensors in your surveillance cameras to capture any unwanted movements. Get instant alerts and notifications about such movements on your smart devices and take the necessary action ahead.

Safety at any time of the day

  Make sure that your security and surveillance cameras are active any time of the day. Most of the security cameras have HD streaming facilities and help you watch crystal clear videos on your smart phones. Also, one of the essential requirements of the smart security surveillance cameras is too exceptional night vision capabilities to help you monitor and view the surveillance zone with proper clarity.
For example, we explained the School Suvelliance System which is big help for student management and powerful protection for personal and property safety over whole school. Now the schools generally with the features: big size, several branch schools, insufficient security staff and large quantity of students, but weak safety sense. By the years, with the demand that builds safe and advanced school security system, is growing more and more insistent.
So there is a solution includes

  • Video surveillance system
  • Vehicle management system
  • Access control system
  • Alarm system

  which will integrate all into one system and linkage together, thus effectively improve the school security management .

  Video surveillance system used to install HD cameras at entrances and other internal area, deploy centralized storage system and matrix for TV wall.

  Vehicle Management system with LPR (License Plate Recognition) and VCA (Video content analysis) technology,can completely monitor all the vehicles inside school.

  Access control system with access card solution, control the entrances of teaching building, dormitory and office building, monitor the important parts inside school.

  Alarm system is used for event inspection and precaution at key areas, together with security staff; minimize the occurrence of potential risks.

24x7 Surveillance System with Gemicates

LIVE HD Streaming and Recording

  Instantly stream live videos right to your smart phone to know what is happening within and outside your house.

Intelligent Motion Detection Alerts

  Get instant alerts and notifications for any unwanted movement in and around your home premises. Turn on the camera and see it for yourself.

Weatherproof Protection

  Rugged design and built-up to sustain any weather conditions may it be freezing cold or heavy rainfall.

Surveillance System applies to

  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Airports, Civil Defence, Municipalities & RTA (Traffic Signals, Roads, Buses etc.)
  • Educational Institutions, Recreational & Public Areas
  • Private & Public Hospitals, Clinics & Ambulance
  • Commercial & Residential Buildings, Hotels, Malls, Retail Stores & Warehouses

Suveillance System comprises of

  • IP based hi-resolution fixed/PTZ cameras
  • Local NVRs & storage with VMS as per requirement
  • Centralized storage on the cloud
  • Local video recording & archiving on the cloud
  • Continuous, schedule, motion & event based recording
  • 24x7 event monitoring services
  • Online access to live & recorded video
  • Video analytics

Benefits of Survelliance

  • Safe environment
  • Detection of potential offenders
  • Remote supervision
  • Effective and real-time monitoring
  • Reliable alarm system may increase actual response time
  • The system will provide backup of all the video files and data through removable hard disk case
  • Integrated mobile DVR and Access control
  • Central Monitoring System will help to track location and inside views of the vehicle
  • Monitoring kids remotely