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Visitor Management

  This is the smartest way to know what's happening in your door step. The integrated camera, mic and speaker, let you see who is at the door, talk to the person and lts him in. All without even moving from your seat, as you can remote. We have to use Video door phone for this purpose.

  • Video door phone

    Video Door Phones placed outside front door or at building entrances are accessible via our Smart Apps or indoor monitors to screen visitors.

Security Management

  Detects intrusions and unauthorized entries. our security systems consist of multile sensors installed at various points at home. On detecting an intrusion, it switches on the lights, raises an alarm and alerts people though sms, mail, and pre recorded phone messages.

  • Camera

      Cameras linked to our Smart Apps, stream video and allow monitoring of your home from anywhere.

  • Door lock

      We integrate YALE brand of automated door locks to allow remote access to open doors via our Smart Apps.

  • Smart AC

      Control any brand of air conditioner via Smart App or choose to automatically control them by motion sensors to save energy.

Safety Management

  Stay safe from gas leaks and fire, On detecting smoke or a gas leak, our system turn off the gas, raises an alarm and even alerts people via sms, mail and pre recorded messages.

  • Security Sensors

      Door intrusion, glass break, panic buttons, key fobs and beam detectors trigger local alarms and Smart App notifications. They centrally for entire buildings.

  • Smoke sensor

      Smoke Sensors for Restaurant Kitchens, Guest Rooms, Passageways, Bathrooms, Storage areas and all areas where fire safety is important. Gas leak sensors for kitchens. All sensors can be centrally monitored via Smart Apps.

      It detects even the smallest amounts of smoke. in case of fire threat, together with other device. Smoke and Gas Leak sensors trigger local alarms and Smart App notification. it will take actions to protect your family and prevent the fire from spreading. It may start the scene that shows the evacuation route with lights, cuts off the electricity and ventilation supply in a room engulfed in flames.

Configure with other Devices

  The Gemicates Smoke Sensor can be configured to work in synchrony with other devices of the Gemicates Ecosystem. The Smoke Sensor can report to the HC2 soon to take action in case of any fire breaks-in.
With one touch configuration, you can open blinds, doors, windows, light up the escape pathway and much more.

Flood sensor

  It will inform you about any leaksge , so in case of emergency you can act as quickly as possible. Thanks to its compact size it can be put even into hard to reach places to avoid water damage at your home or flooding of the neighbours property.

  Instant detection and difficult to submerge.

  The Gemicates Flood sensor has a robust design to sustain any temperature within the range of -10 to +95 degree Celcius. It is capable of handling fast and well as slow floods. Also the entire enclosure is waterproof and so it is difficult for the sensor to submerge and it will float over the water so that it keeps sending signal to the main controller.

Motion Sensor

  It will inform you about any visits of uninvited guests. Combined with other devices it can take further avtions to protect your valuables and property. eample : close the door locks to prevent a burglar's escape befor the police reaction.

Door / window sensor

  It is a wireless battery operated, magnetic door/window sensor. To be used with doors, windows, garage gates, rollerblinds etc. in home qautomation scenes,security , monitoring and safety systems.


  • Sensors for all-round protection
  • Quick detection of any natural events like sudden rise in temperature due to fire, or gas leakage or water leakage from any unapproachable area in your home.
  • Instant Alerts and Notifications
  • Notifies you instantly and within time about the occurring of any natural disaster and helps you prevent any further damage.