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Services for distributed control systems

  A full range of lifecycle services from spare parts, repair, training and technical support to upgrades and evolution to help you keep production running, maximize system lifecycle, optimize processes and deliver operational excellence.

Drive Services

Your choice, your future

  The future of your drives and systems depends on the service you choose. Your choice should be based on a well-informed decision. We have the expertise and experience to help you find and implement the right service for your assets. You have our guidance and full support along the course you take, throughout the entire lifetime of your drives.

Aim for lifelong performance

Well-planned maintenance actions extend the lifetime of your drives. To make maintenance planning easier, Gemicates has developed a four-phase life cycle management model which defines service availability for each drive throughout its lifetime.

High-Voltage Service

  The high voltage service market is constantly expanding and changing. By combining a high level of quality service and industry expertise, High Voltage Service offers solutions for everyday situations. To meet these challenges we continue to develop our portfolio, increase customer satisfaction and improve our operations.

As complimentary, we offer services that extend the operating asset life while reducing maintenance costs. As high voltage equipment ages, various maintenance procedures can be performed to keep the equipment in its original new condition. These procedures can be time based or condition based depending on the need.

Why Gemicates?

  • Extensive experience and the use of latest technology to help you understand your equipment.

  • Extensive portfolio of capabilities emphasizing cost reduction,life extension,reliability,and increased revenue through improved switchgear performance.

  • Ability to maximize asset value through the use of the latest technology and traditional methods.
  • Grid Automation Service

      It is our aim to help identify the most effective course of action for your requirements by delivering a suite of service products that help address any problems with your operations before they grow, ensuring constant care of your assets as well as helping you hit key performance targets. Gemicates Grid Automation Service agreements provide local services globally, offering total protection for your investment now and into the future.

    Your guarantee of service excellence

      Service for UPS and power conditioning

    At Gemicates, we recognize that designing and manufacturing innovative and high-quality UPS is only half the story. To give you the peace of mind and return on investment that your purchase of a UPS deserves your UPS must be correctly specified,installed, commissioned and maintained.

    This is why Gemicates invests heavily in its pre- and post-sales support infrastructure and why it offers a comprehensive range of services to its customers for the entire useful working life of their UPS.

    “At your service” 24 hours a day.

    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your Gemicates UPS will never suffer a component problem.Because, like all power protection equipment, it contains some electrical and electronic components that have finite useful working lives.

    What we can guarantee is that routine maintenance inspections performed by Gemicates trained engineers will minimize or eliminate entirely the potential problems caused by such components. We can also guarantee that Gemicates service organization will always pro-actively manage your Gemicates UPS’s routine maintenance inspections and will quickly and professionally respond to all emergency service calls 24 hours/day, 365 days/year throughout the entire useful working life of your Gemicates UPS.