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  Gemicates Inframote Tower is an industry first online IR database. The product solves an ongoing problem in our industry as various vendor products and services converge to provide a total solution for control and automation in homes and businesses. Most manufacturers have their own particular IR codes for their hardware. A big challenge for the installer is the integration of diverse products, along with their particular proprietary protocols, including IR code sets for their devices. They can be learned through IR learning devices from various vendors, but nowhere is there an easily accessed and usable IR database of IR codes spanning all manufacturers and models, until now.

  Gemicates provides full integration of the IR database to our Strategic, VAR, and OEM partners at no charge, when they are driving Gemicates hardware. This eases the path for many new and established software and system companies entering the control/automation market. The ability to access and serve any equipment using IR codesets can cut a product providers time to market by months and years, and eliminates an unnecessary expense.

  Gemicates Inframote Tower is based upon an innovative database structure, eliminating redundancy of IR codes and providing a platform that is easily and simply searched and implemented. Conventional wisdom is to attach model numbers to each set of codes regardless of the amount of duplication that results from this approach. Gemicates Inframote Tower has instead used a different convention that keeps the IR database complete, yet streamlined.

  Gemicates Inframote Tower follows a strict set of rules to ensure accurate code replacement whenever possible. This ensures a highly accurate method to exploit the device change process implemented within an installation or application. So in the case of swapping a satellite or cable device, the codes will substitute perfectly every time when using the “replace component” feature. This is possible when a database is carefully constructed to ensure uniform code labels are in place.
Lastly, Gemicates Inframote Tower offers unique and convenient online access, and finally provides the solution that integrators have been asking for.