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  Scouting for the right talent to complete work on a definite timeline, on our payrolls

Hire Train Deploy

  Campus to corporate program providing ready to deploy qualified resources

IT managed services

  Management specific business functions to help improve operational efficiency

Reverse Partnering

  Management of clients’ employees as short-term duration project associates for redeployment


  Transferring resources from other partner organizations of our client, to our own payroll, allows us to deploy employees to different partners

Contract process Outsourcing

  Ensuring completion of all compliance services for specific recruitment services, by connecting with internal and external business stakeholders

Fixed Cost Contract

  Provision of service with well-defined deliverables locked-in at a fixed price

Build Operate Transfer

  Support clients to build end-to-end staffing processes &at a later stage transfer control to them

Master Service Provider

  Exclusive single vendor services to reduce administration overheads

Pyramid Model

  Provision of talent across the entire gamut of skill sets & management levels

Neutral Vendor Model

  Streamlining the vendor management process to reduce bandwidth of collating different profiles
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